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Training suitable for all abilities.

Mainly adult, 18+, limited places for 13-17's

Killermont Parish Church Hall
Rannoch Drive
G61 2LD

Class Times
Tuesday evenings 7:30pm - 10pm
Sunday evenings 7:00pm - 9:30pm

Cost: £5 per session or £30 per month
        (£4/£25 concession)
        Annual association membership + insurance (£30/£25)
Allander Aikido Club is part of Takemusu Iwama Aikido Europe (TIA Europe) which is dedicated to preserving and passing on Aikido as taught to Saito Sensei by O'Sensei Ueshiba, the founder of aikido.
We are affiliated to East Dunbartonshire Sports Council and are full members of the British Aikido Board.
Contact Us..For More Information
Richard Thomson 5th Dan (Instructor)
01360 622 545
Brian McGinn - new memberships
07989 588 272
25/07/15 *NEW
New Forest Aikido - Seminar with Sensei Sargeant - Sunday 9th August
Ringwood Health and Leisure,
Parsonage Barn Lane, Ringwood, BH24 1PX
11.00 - 16.30 (10.40 - 11.00 registration) £30 on the day
For more details visit
Alternatively contact Terry Young on 07972471392 or email

** New Dan Grades**
Congratulations to Vinnie on a successful grading and being awarded his 1st Dan.   Brian is also delighted on being awarded his 3rd Dan

** Two New Black Belts ** Congratulations to Stuart and David on being awarded their 1st Dan today.   We have all seen them both working very hard over the last 18 months and in particular while they have been recording their test techniques.   Sensei Sargeant described the result as an "exceptionally good test" and "that the standard was excellent"   Well done - we are all delighted for you.

Weekend seminar with Sensei Tony Sargeant, 6th Dan, 7/8 March 2015 at Allander Aikido
Bookings to Brian, Seminar dinner on Sat night at the Burbrae. 

Xmas Night Out
We have booked the Burnbrae Inn for Sat., 6th December.   Please let Brian know asap if you can come along - deposits £5

We now have a facebook page for the club.   Visit and like to keep updated and share your comments

Grading Congratulations to Stephen and Richard on passing their 5th Kyu.

Grading Congratulations to Vinnie on passing his 1st Kyu tonight

Kefalonia Uchi Deshi
May 10-17th, 2014
Places are available for Sensei Sargeant's Kefalonia Deshi in 2014

Full details can be found on Sensei's new website Aikido Secrets

Also see  YouTube "On An Island"

Revised Training Fees
From 1st August, fees will be...
£5 per night (£4 concession)
£30 per month (£25 concession)
Annual membership £30 (£25 con)

Sensei Richard at Aikido Yuishinkai, Glasgow
Sensei Richard was again invited to teach Aiki-jo at the Woodside dojo of Aikido Yuishinkai.   We hope to see some of their students at our club for a return visit.

Alex Cousland Double Celebration
Within a matter of a few days, Alex celebrates his 7th Dan Karate and also his 80th birthday.   Well done Alex from all at Allander Aikido

Congratulations to Sensei Richard Thomson on being awarded 5th Dan

Stonehenge Aikido Experience
Brian and Vinnie travelled to Stonehenge for an equinox aikido class within the circle at Stonehenge.   An early dawn start with meditation followed by an hour of aikido warmed us up nicely.  Many thanks fellow aikidoka and to Sensei Matt Hill for the invitation

Course DVD's. - The DVDs for Sensei Sargeant's previous courses are available.   You can buy 2009 - 2014  for £5 each.  P&P is £3  

.....or buy for £5 at the club
2010 pics/clips
2009 pics/clips

Congratulations to Vinnie on passing his 2nd kyu test on Sunday.

Congratulations to Alan on passing his 2nd kyu test last week.   He leaves us this week and we wish him the best of luck in  his new job with Jaguar in Coventry

A bit of fun
31 count kata

if you are travelling to one of our courses and require accommodation, we would recommend the Bearsden Premier Inn
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All of our instructors are experienced black belts and hold nationaly recognised British Aikido Board coaching qualifications

Our Chief Instructor, Sensei Richard Thomson started Aikido in 1973 and holds the grade of 5th Dan.   Our other instructors have each been practicing Aikido for between 15-30 years and have wide national and international Aikido experience.
Sensei Richard Thomson
5th Dan
Learn ...
Unarmed Self Defence
Weapons Techniques
Disarming Methods
Restraints and Throws

Confidence  :  Fitness
Balance  :  Posture
Morihei Ueshiba, founder of Aikido (1883-1969)
Peter McGregor
3rd Dan
Brian McGinn
3rd Dan
Andy Murdoch
3rd Dan
Alex Cousland
2nd Dan
Wendy Thomson
1st Dan
Fighting Spirit, Alex Cousland
Alex has just completed his book, ”Fighting Spirit”, with proceeds going to charity.  It gives a brief insight into his life, his continuing fight with cancer & his love for the martial arts (so far he has achieved - 7th Dan Karate - 3rd Dan Iaido (sword) - 2nd Dan Jodo (staff) - 2nd Dan Aikido & has been practising Tai Chi for over twenty years too).
For such a short book, it covers a full life - 80 years.   Alex has written about getting through his illness in the hope of helping other sufferers.  It is an insightful, touching, humorous, & inspiring read.  If anyone would like to buy a copy & help raise some funds for "C.H.A.S. - Robin House Children's Hospice, Balloch" (£6.99 incl p&p) please click here to email Alex
Sensei Tony Sargeant, 6th Dan   Aikido Weekend Seminar 7th / 8th March, 2015
Sensei Sargeant has been teaching a March weekend course at Allander Aikido Club since 2009.  We had a superb course yet again with Sensei Tony covering many subtle fine points in techniques many of us thought we understood.  Three dan gradings were held are we are pleased that all passed.   Brian McGinn and David Carty were awarded Sandan and Vinnie Mistry becomes our newest black belt being awarded his Shodan.  
     Beginners Course
Six week introduction, Tuesdays and Sundays, 12 sessions
Cost £30, booking essential,  Gift vouchers available
Beginners may start at any time or in a group at the next course.
Courses start 18th Aug 2015 / 12th Jan 2016 / 19th Apr 2016

Next Course
starts Tuesday
18th Aug
*Special Offer *
Book a place and bring a friend for free
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DVD's from the last six years of Sensei Sargeants seminars at Allander Aikido are available for £5 each (+£3 P&P), or £5 at the club
Allander Aikido Club

Class photo, Saturday 7th March 2015
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Ai  (Harmony)
Ki (Spirit / Energy)
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